Knowing it’s coming doesn’t make it easier.

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This blog started out as a way to give my kitty (P), who had been through massive trauma requiring amputation of her front right arm, a voice.  Then, just under a year after P’s amputation, we got word that our Labrador (Ruby) had, of all things, osteosarcoma in her right front arm.  A few post on this blog have been dedicated to her (even though she was never an amputee pup) so I won’t go into detail here beyond saying that was in February of 2019, and that point the vet oncologist told us to expect maybe 4 months with her.  If we were lucky.  So with that knowledge we kept taking care of her the best we could and loving on her as much as we could.
Ruby stayed herself and generally happy for a lot longer than we could have hoped until the second week of December when things flipped and we could see she wasn’t herself anymore.  On December 10 we had to let her go.
Ruby was an amazing dog who I was lucky enough to have in my life for over nine years at the point we lost her.  She was so full of love and I will always miss her.  And I’m always going to remember her just like she was in the photo at the top of this post.

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3 thoughts on “Knowing it’s coming doesn’t make it easier.”

  1. We are deeply sorry Ruby got her angel wings, thank you for letting us know so that we can send you lots of ((((hugs)))) and love. She had an amazing ride before and during cancer, and what a life you gave her! Tripawd or not, living or in spirit, she is by default part of this community as an honorary member. On behalf of all of us, we send our condolences. You are such amazing pet parents to her and P. No animal could ask for more from the hoomans.

    Much love coming your way . . .

  2. Ruby is beautiful. Let me tell you Labs are such determined animals. The same thing happened to my Brownie. His vet told me three month, and he lived an additional year. And Ruby made it much longer as well.
    I’m very sorry for your loss, but she did look like a happy girl!

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