Let the Catnanigans Begin!

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My amputation surgery was three weeks ago today.  I cannot believe how fast time flies!  In honor of being three weeks post-op, I decided to give Human as many heart attacks as possible today.  First, this morning, she’s sitting up at the top of the stairs tying those things humans wear on their feet for some reason.  I haven’t been upstairs in two and a half months, but it’s all good, and I wanted to be near her, so I ran up the stairs as quickly as possible.  I was up there before she had any idea what I was even doing!!!  We laughed together.  I then showed Human how I can get down the stairs myself.  I was a little bit clumsy, still working on things, but I was happy to show Human I could do it!

Later in the day, Human took away the gate from the door of my cozy room so I could explore the house a bit.  She’s been doing that more lately, I guess that means I’m on the mend?  So anyway, I went exploring!  And at one point I realized she couldn’t find me.  And I was busy anyway so I just stayed really quiet.  Human had no idea where I was and it took her a bit to  find me!!

Best Hiding Spot Ever.  Remember I said I was busy?  I was gazing outside at the birds!

I think Human is being a liiiiitle overprotective.  I’ll just have keep showing her I got this Tripawd thing down.

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Tripawds is a user-supported community. Thank you for your support!

(Warning – post includes  pic showing her incision site and is a little knarly – be aware before you continue please!)

So even after I showed Human all this love, she stuck me in a box and put me in a car again!!!!!  What is up with this?  So over it.  I’ve resigned myself to these periodic indignities as I don’t seem to have any say.  I even forewent giving Human a piece of my mind after a bit and just curled up in my box while Human drove!

We went back to the vet again.  This is getting OLD.  They did something to my side and then took the bandage I had to wear off.  Thank GOODNESS I didn’t have to stay overnight in that place again!!  Human and I had a talk on the way back home.  She promised no more visits as long as I stay healthy, which she said was my number one job. After all these visits, I’m not sure I should believe her, but she usually tells me the truth, so maybe….  She said beyond that, I’m finally allowed to practice my pouncing and jumping a bit!  She also said I need to work on growing my furs back.  Makes sense since I’m a bit naked on that side right now.  It’s cold!  No wonder Human needs all the blankets – she only has fur on her head!



I was so hungry by the time I got back from the vet, thank goodness Human remembered the wet smelly stuff!!!

And then The Best Thing happened.  Human took off the onesie!!!  Oh my gosh I hate the onesie.  No idea how human babies manage the horror.  I feel like a new cat now that I’m finally free of the stupid thing!!!  I even ventured around the house a bit, explored, and practiced getting around on three legs.  Yeah, I’m still loving my naps, but it’s time to start plotting how I’m going to take over this domain again.


But first, off to grow some furs….