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(Warning – post includes  pic showing her incision site and is a little knarly – be aware before you continue please!)

So even after I showed Human all this love, she stuck me in a box and put me in a car again!!!!!  What is up with this?  So over it.  I’ve resigned myself to these periodic indignities as I don’t seem to have any say.  I even forewent giving Human a piece of my mind after a bit and just curled up in my box while Human drove!

We went back to the vet again.  This is getting OLD.  They did something to my side and then took the bandage I had to wear off.  Thank GOODNESS I didn’t have to stay overnight in that place again!!  Human and I had a talk on the way back home.  She promised no more visits as long as I stay healthy, which she said was my number one job. After all these visits, I’m not sure I should believe her, but she usually tells me the truth, so maybe….  She said beyond that, I’m finally allowed to practice my pouncing and jumping a bit!  She also said I need to work on growing my furs back.  Makes sense since I’m a bit naked on that side right now.  It’s cold!  No wonder Human needs all the blankets – she only has fur on her head!



I was so hungry by the time I got back from the vet, thank goodness Human remembered the wet smelly stuff!!!

And then The Best Thing happened.  Human took off the onesie!!!  Oh my gosh I hate the onesie.  No idea how human babies manage the horror.  I feel like a new cat now that I’m finally free of the stupid thing!!!  I even ventured around the house a bit, explored, and practiced getting around on three legs.  Yeah, I’m still loving my naps, but it’s time to start plotting how I’m going to take over this domain again.


But first, off to grow some furs….



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9 thoughts on “FREE”


    Thank you for this great update Pandora….and for all the smiles😁

    Looking forward to more!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too

    PS Yes, hooman can be socially sometimes, it you already know that!

    1. Hehehe! The craziest thing is that you can kinda see some of her spots on her skin! And you can see the truth-color of her fur with it shaved the way it is too. :D. May be photos for the next time she needs to sound off. 🙂

  2. Congratulations Pandora!! So happy she is free. What day did you end up having the stitches removed? Did you wait the full 14 days? And the onesie came off that day too? I ask because Scout is scheduled to have hers out on day 12. I am eagerly awaiting when I can let her out to get back to her normal self. I think confinement is making her depressed. Thanks for sharing your story. It’s so helpful for us 🙂

    1. Hey there! Thanks for the Scout update! It sounds like she’s doing ok. Pandora’s vet said 10 to 14 days, it was day 10 and they said the incision looked great. Can you let Scout out or take her out for small periods of time under supervision? Do you think that would help? Pandora already had practice walking on three legs, so that’s helping her. I’m basically also trying to have her call the shots – whatever in reason she wants to do. I hope this helps! Keep up the good work!

      1. Thank you, it does help. She’s on day 7 today so maybe I will give her the opportunity to leave the tent today while I’m home. There aren’t any good hiding spots so I’m pretty confident I could get her back in. So pleased to see Pandora’s progress. She’s an inspiration for us right now 🙂

  3. Pandora your job is easy now go back to being a cat, sorry you did not like the onesie. Purrkins did not mind his it was that or cone, and he said he loved his onesie 😉

    Yes isn’t that cool to see the skin is the same pigment as the fur Purrkins brother is black and white and I could see it more on him.
    We have had them both shaved for multiple reasons, unfortunately!

    Your new normal has begun Pandora! Good job Mom for getting thru the recovery! Keep in touch!

    Hugs and chin scratches for Pandora
    Holly & Purrkins❤️

  4. Yay Pandora!!! Off with those Onesies and out with those stitches! Great day all around! Your skin tone is beautiful girlie, it done worry your furs will grow back soon!
    Keep it up on the pawsomerecovery!
    Petra, Stewie and His Prideful Kittens

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