Ruby’s Radiation Treatment (addendum)

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It snowed yesterday.  Yes, on April 14.  Enough to stick.  At least we got to go sniff around?

In my post about Ruby’s radiation treatment, I got a few questions and also realized there were a few things I didn’t explain, so hopefully I can clear all that up now.

The radiation treatment is a one off deal.  Per the vet oncologist, it tends to help in the realm of 2 to 4 months.  The treatment can be repeated at that point, but the vet said that a repeat treatment was not in the norm for various reasons.  I basically understood that by then the doggo’s health had typically deteriorated enough that it was not warranted.  The vet oncologist did not recommend any type of chemotherapy treatment for her that was not associated with amputation.

Ruby is on three painkillers right now: gabapentin, tramadol, and carprofin.  At this time she gets the whole gamut twice per day.

I’ll be back shortly with updates on both Ruby and, of course, Pandora.  Thank you so much to everyone whose left a kind note.  They mean the world.

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One thought on “Ruby’s Radiation Treatment (addendum)”

  1. Ohhhh ok. So that makes sense. Thanks for clarifying.

    Just in case I would definitely ask about a bisphosphonate infusion if it’s practical for you. These injections can make a tremendous difference with pain relief during palliative care. We just talked to an oncologist about that last week. Zoledronate is the most effective according to the dogtor.

    Meanwhile, yeah we are definitely wanting update on both kiddos so keep us posted! Smooches & hugs to the pack.

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